As a Kingston Technology International partner you will be provided with up to date information on all orders at any time via our Extranet site. You will have access to order statuses, inventory levels and any other information you require in real time. The website UI enables users to find the information they need quickly and easily.

From a security standpoint, our Extranet site is protected by a HA Firewall cluster and user access is controlled by an access control list ensuring users have only access to their own data. Additionally users may be authenticated by the issuance of digital certificates if the customer so desires it.


Kingston Technology International use XML as the backbone of it's B2B process. XML is efficient and adaptable, this enables seamless transactions between Kingston Technology and our customers. Kingston has the capability of modifying and creating custom XML messaging due to our resources in Ireland and expertise in our Headquarters in Fountain Valley, CA.

Types of B2B Transactions Exchanged:

  • PO Request (AS2 XML 850)
  • PO Response (AS2 XML 855)
  • PO Cancellation Request (AS2 XML 860)
  • PO Cancellation Response (AS2 XML 865)
  • PO ESD Change (AS2 XML 870)
  • Shipment Notification (AS2 XML 856)
  • Invoice Notification (AS2 XML 810)

EDI is used in the business process of Kingston. Both ANSI and EDIFACT standards are used. We currently exchange the following documents:

  • Price Catalogue (VAN EDI 832)
  • Inventory Report (VAN EDI 846)
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